San Antonio-Corpus Christi Division

Call Sign
Tracks Facilities Notes
    San Antonio SF     MK&T passenger station.
    MK&T Crossing       Tower 109 - SA&AP & MK&T Interlocker.
0.0 235 San Antonio Yard WS yard FWTSYL SA&AP Freight Yard. Abandoned SA&AP passenger depot.
    GH&SA & MK&T Crossing       Tower 2 - SA&AP, GH&SA, & MK&T Interlocker.
6.3 231 Bergs   C29 L  
9.6 228 Southton   C29 L  
15.9 222 Elmendorf MN C29 M41s L  
18.5 219 Saspamco SO P29 M140 L  
21.3 216 Calaveras A P31 M190 WL  
24.2 214 Labatt   C23    
30.2 208 Floresville FO P39 M68 L  
37.2 201 Poth PO C22 M16s L  
44.7 193 Falls City SD P35 M11s WL  
47.5 190 Hobson   C20 L  
52.8 185 Ruby   C27    
55.4 182 Karnes City KC C29 M71 L  
61.6 176 Kenedy KY yard FWYSL Junction with Houston Division.
67.6 C182 Green   C26 M12s ?  
72.6   Burnell   C39    
77.5 C192 Pettus P C67 WL  
81.4 C196 Tuleta   C32 L  
84.0 C199 Normanna   P26 M26 L  
    GH&SA Crossing        
93.6 C208 Beeville BR P40 M210 WL Connection with GH&SA.
99.7 C214 Yougeen   C49    
104.9 C219 Skidmore SK yard FWYL Junction with Falfurrias Branch.
112.2 C227 Papalote   P44 M10 L  
118.1 C233 St. Paul     L  
123.0 C237 Sinton SN C38 WLY Connection with StLB&M.
    StLB&M Crossing        
131.1 C246 Taft JN P49 M160 L  
138.7 C253 Gregory GR yard YL Junction with Rockport Branch.
142.3 C257 Portland JS P24 M25 L  
149.5 C264 Corpus Christi CS yard FWYL Connections with SAU&G and Texas Mexican.

Facility Codes: F=Fuel, W=Water, Y=Wye, L=Yard Limits, S=Scales, T=Turntable.
Siding Track Codes: P=Passing, C=Passing Track Not Kept Clear, M=Miscellanous, S=Spur.
Track codes are followed by track capacity by car count. Codes P and C include the engine and caboose.

Source - SA&AP Employee Timetable No. 65, 08/08/1920

*Note - Distance from San Antonio

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