Waco Division

Call Sign
Tracks Facilities Notes
    Waco (Union Depot)       Via StLSW.
    SSW Crossing       Via StLSW.
    MK&T Crossing       Tower 59- SA&AP & MK&T Interlocker.
170.4 W288 Waco Freight Yards WO      
167.7 W286 Randal        
166.7 W285 Texand        
162.3 W280 Downs        
159.7 W277 Norwood        
156.3 W274 Gurley        
155.3 W273 Guda        
154.3 W272 Satin SX      
151.5 W269 Kierseys        
148.6 W266 Chilton XN      
142.6 W260 Lott U      
137.7 W256 Travis VA      
133.1 W251 Rosebud RO      
129.0 W247 Burlington BU      
125.3 W243 Ben Arnold        
122.3 W240 Watts        
117.6 W235 Cameron CM     Connection with GC&SF.
    GC&SF Crossing       Tower 52 - SA&AP & GC&SF interlocker.
114.9 W233 Little        
110.5 W228 Minerva        
107.6 W225 Isaacs        
102.4 W220 Rockdale RK     Connection with IGN.
    IGN Crossing       Tower 54 - SA&AP & IGN interlocker.
94.2 W212 Hicks        
90.8 W209 Tanglewood        
85.1 W203 Lexington X      
81.3 W199 Leo        
78.9 W197 Fields        
74.7 W193 Lincoln NE      
    H&TC Crossing        
66.7 W185 Giddings US     Connection with H&TC.
    H&TC Crossing        
60.4 W178 Northrup NU      
53.2 W171 Winchester WI      
    MK&T Crossing       Tower 91- SA&AP & MK&T interlocker.
48.9 W167 West Point WP     Connection with MK&T.
44.1 W162 Lena        
39.8 W158 Dunn        
38.9 W157 Muldoon MD     Spelled Mulldoon in SA&AP employee timetable.
36.0 W154 Floy MD      
    GH&SA Connection       Tower 3 - SA&AP & GH&SA interlocker.
28.9 W147 Flatonia FN     Depot was on a spur off the mainline.
    GH&SA Crossing       Tower 3 - SA&AP & GH&SA interlocker.
20.8 W139 Moulton MO      
10.4 W128 Shiner S      
3.8 W122 Arena        
3.1 W121 Nora        
0.0 W118 Yoakum Q     Junction with Houston Division.

Facility Codes: F=Fuel, W=Water, Y=Wye, L=Yard Limits, S=Scales, T=Turntable.
Siding Track Codes: P=Passing, C=Passing Track Not Kept Clear, M=Miscellanous, S=Spur.
Track codes are followed by track capacity by car count. Codes P and C include the engine and caboose.

Source - SA&AP Employee Timetable No. 65, 08/08/1920

*Note - Distance from Yoakum

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