SA&AP - Depots

The Depot List

  Location     Division/Branch  
  Alice    Falfurrias
  Altair     Houston  
  Aransas Pass     Rockport  
  Brownsville     Brownsville  
  Beeville     San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Boerne     Kerrville  
  Cameron     Waco  
  Center Point     Kerrville  
  Comfort     Kerrville  
  Corpus Christi    San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Cuero    Houston  
  Ed Couch     Brownsville  
  Edinburg     Brownsville  
  Elsa     Brownsville  
  Falfurrias     Falfurrias  
  Flatonia     Waco  
  Floresville     San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Fulshear     Houston  
  Giddings     Waco  
  Gonzales     Lockhart  
  Gregory     San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Halletsville     Houston  
  Harlingen     Brownsville  
  Ingleside     Rockport  
  Kenedy     San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Kerrville     Kerrville  
  Lexington    Waco  
  Luling     Lockhart  
  McAllen     McAllen  
  Moulton     Waco  
  Muldoon     Waco  
  Orange Grove     Falfurrias  
  Poth     San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Premont     Falfurrias  
  Rockdale     Waco  
  Rockport     Rockport  
  Rosebud     Waco  
  Runge     Houston  
  San Antonio     San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Sheridan     Houston  
  Shiner     Waco  
  Simonton     Houston  
  Sinton    San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Skidmore     San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Sublime     Houston  
  Taft     San Antonio-Corpus Christi  
  Tanglewood     Waco  
  Wallis     Houston  
  Waring     Kerrville  
  Yorktown     Houston  
  Yoakum     Houston  

An Example of a SA&AP Depot

The Ingleside SA&AP depot in 2003. Photo by Carl Codney.

Some Depot Features

A decorative roof support used on many SA&AP buildings.

Please note that this list includes depots constructed by the T&NO and GH&SA to replace older SA&AP depots. It also includes a number of new depots that were built when the GH&SA extended the SA&AP to the Rio Grande Valley.

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